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OnlineMarketerZ.com is an Online Marketing Guide for aspiring Online Marketers. Learn the best and most effective ways on how to make money online.

About the Author

Stan is a self-driven Online Marketing writer.  He loves sharing about what he has learned, mostly on the topic of how to make money online.

Born to a Japanese mother and Singaporean-Chinese Peranakan father together with an older sibling and married to a Filipino from Palawan, he undoubtedly comes from a mixed cultural background.

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Stan was born and raised in Singapore. Singapore is a tiny country with a population of 5 million, and is located in South East Asia. Though just the size of a tiny red dot on the map, Singapore has a thriving economy and has the best airport in the world, Changi Airport.

Recently, Singapore clinched the top spot as the strongest passport in the world. This was due to having the highest number of visa-free travel countries. It has a unique racial and religious harmony, which stems from mutual respect and acceptance of others.

How to Make Money Online – Learning the Ropes

With some marketing experience coming from his profession as a real estate agent, Stan finds great joy in learning new online marketing skills. Thereafter, he loves sharing these new skills with his readers.

Stan is a firm believer that people should not be working till they die. He always reminds people around him that being our own boss is the way to go. He focuses on attaining financial freedom by advocating passive income over active income.

During his free time, Stan finds happiness in immersing himself in online marketing books and online tutorials. He also finds it a must to spend quality time with his loved ones. An avid dog and cat lover, Stan spends some of his free time with stray animals which can sometimes be found on the streets of Singapore.

Some of his online contributions include forum entries, review of products, and of course, this OnlineMarketerZ Blog.

Feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts.